Breast lift, breast lift (mastopexy), with breast reduction or enlargement


For a more in-depth evaluation and understanding of breast surgery, Dr Porumb Șerban developed his expertise by obtaining a Master's degree in oncological surgery and breast reconstruction in Paris. This master's degree, entitled "Surgical Techniques in Reconstructive and Carcinological Breast Surgery", was organised by the prestigious Institut Oncologique Gustave Roussy, under the auspices of the University of Paris XI.

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In the References section, you will find reviews from world-renowned surgeons about Dr. Porumb's reputation in this field, as well as the opinion of operated patients who have not experienced post-operative pain.

Surgical Techniques in Reconstructive and Carcinological Breast Surgery - Paris

Breast reduction

Breast hypertrophy is characterised by the presence of excessive breast volume, especially in relation to the patient's morphology. This excess volume is generally associated with a drooping of the breast (breast ptosis) and sometimes with significant asymmetry. Breast hypertrophy almost always also means physical and functional involvement (neck, shoulder and back pain, discomfort when playing sports, difficulty in dressing, etc.) In addition to the physical and functional impact, breast hypertrophy can cause significant psychological concern.

Mammary ptosis

Breast ptosis is defined by a drooping of the gland and a distention of the surrounding skin. The breast is in a too low position and most often "naked" in its upper part. Ptosis may be present from the beginning, but frequently occurs after significant weight loss or following a pregnancy with a breastfeeding period. It can be isolated: in this case we are talking about a pure ptosis, or it can be associated with some degree of breast hypertrophy. Or, on the contrary, we may observe a ptosis in the context of a breast that is too small in volume (hypoplasia or mammary hypotrophy). The aim of surgery is to reposition the areola and nipple correctly, to refocus and lift the gland and to remove excess skin in order to obtain harmonious, lifted and beautifully shaped breasts.

From patients

Dreams can become reality

Dear Dr. Porumb, thank you from the bottom of my heart for fulfilling my desire to have more confidence in myself, through the interventions you have done you have shown me that dreams can come true! I had a great time here, the recovery is amazing, and thank you to your team for their irreproachable behaviour.
C. N.Patient


Closed, open, primary and secondary rhinoplasty, septoplasty (deviated septum correction), congenital cases.

Breast enlargement

Transaxillary approach breast augmentation – breast implant inserted through the armpit without breast scars!

Breast lift

Breast lift (mastopexy), with breast reduction or enlargement, ptosis and breast hypertrophy, tuberous breast.

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