Plastic reconstructive surgery, hand surgery

Plastic reconstructive surgery and hand surgery

Reconstructive and reconstructive surgery aims to restore function or correct defects resulting from trauma or conditions of various origins, including tumours. This surgery can be performed on the face, hand or any other part of the body. Below, you will find some examples of reconstructive procedures performed by Dr Porumb Șerban, following the various conditions mentioned above.

Dr. Porumb Șerban has the expertise acquired through a university master's degree in oncological surgery and breast reconstruction in Paris, entitled "Surgical Techniques in Reconstructive and Carcinological Breast Surgery", organized by the renowned Gustave Roussy Oncological Institute.

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A 58 year old patient, following a tumour formation, is left with a partial amputation of the nose, having had multiple attempts to reconstruct the nose elsewhere, dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance, having to use a mask in public appearances and functional breathing problems, wants a corrective reoperation. Basically, following previous operations, he is left with only one chance of aesthetic reconstruction!!! 3D multi-layer reconstruction with rib cartilage graft, frontal flap and septal flap is performed. Extremely complex and difficult case! The patient is very satisfied with the outcome of this aesthetic and reconstructive nose reshaping surgery.

19-year-old patient with congenital blepharoptosis of the left upper eyelid, seeing with only one eye, monocular vision, the right eye. He presents to several renowned university centres, diagnosed with oculomotor nerve palsy. First surgery is performed, at 19 years old, by Dr. Porumb, to repair the lifting function of the upper eyelid, as a result of which, for the first time after 19 years, the patient is able to see with both eyes (binocular vision). Stable result after 7 years after surgery, the patient can open and close his eyes without any problems! Both functional and aesthetic appearance is restored!

A 17-year-old patient, suffering a motorcycle accident, not wearing a helmet, sustained trauma with extensive loss of substance and cranial bone exposure. Multi-stage reconstruction with a satisfactory aesthetic appearance.

A 70-year-old patient, operated on several times for recurrence of a malignant tumour formation in the face, presenting also a chronic infection with an extremely unpleasant odour, is reoperated with a much larger re-excision, removing structures from the middle and upper face and reconstruction by covering the resulting defect with free musculocutaneous flap and mucosal flap to restore the internal angle of the right eye. The patient has preserved both visual function (right eye) and nasal respiratory function. Multidisciplinary approach.

The 84-year-old patient, with a malignant tumour formation in the nose, undergoes excision within oncological safety limits, with removal of almost the entire lower 2/3 of the nose. 3D reconstruction is performed in three planes: mucosal, cartilaginous and cutaneous, with preservation of the aesthetic and respiratory function of the nose.

The 77-year-old patient with a neglected malignant tumor formation that invaded her left eye, nose and left cheek. Excision within oncological safety limits and reconstruction with coverage of the resulting defect by multiple skin and muscle flaps, skin graft. Reconstruction with preservation of the aesthetic units of the face is noted.

The 39 year old patient, having the nail and nail bed of her ring finger destroyed by a fungus, has a nail bed graft taken from a toe. A great aesthetic appearance is noticed 2 years after reconstruction, the patient having a natural and healthy nail.

The 76-year-old patient, suffering a traumatic amputation of the right wrist, undergoes replantation with revascularization of the wrist. It is noted that essential functions of this finger, the most important of the hand, are regained.

17-year-old patient, suffering from a quasi-complete avulsion of the digital pulp of the middle finger, remote skin flap reconstruction is performed. The aesthetic appearance is remarkable, without shortening of the finger.

51-year-old patient with complex trauma to the left hand with devascularization of the pollicis, index and middle finger. Revascularisation is performed with restoration of blood circulation and reconstruction of bone, tendon and digital nerves.

A 13-year-old patient presents after a sports accident with a closed avulsion of the extensor tendon at the level of the distal phalanx of the middle finger, with associated fracture and vicious position with no possibility of active extension at this level (mallet finger in the hammer). Postoperatively, the patient shows complete restoration of function and aesthetic appearance in normal position of the distal phalanx.



Closed, open, primary and secondary rhinoplasty, septoplasty (deviated septum correction), congenital cases.

Breast enlargement

Transaxillary approach breast augmentation – breast implant inserted through the armpit without breast scars!

Breast lift

Breast lift (mastopexy), with breast reduction or enlargement, ptosis and breast hypertrophy, tuberous breast.

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